Turkey Day in Cowtown

November 30th, 2008

It’s official:  Max endured his first road trip of any significant length.  The three of us braved the fog to make the 250 miles across the state, to Pullman, to spend Thanksgiving with Max’s paternal grandmother.

The trip over was not without difficulty.  The normally five-hour trip lasted in excess of seven hours, mostly because Max had frequent moments of discomfort and sleeplessness that required stops at whatever roadside stop was convenient.  Burger King, convenience stores, Mexican restaurants, whatever was open.

After the arrival everything went great.  Max acclimated to Pullman’s stieflingly dry air and Antarctic temperatures just fine, and he didn’t have any mid-night freakouts in his new travel crib.

To top it off, the trip back to Seattle went swimmingly well, with only one stop of any significance (at a familiar-looking Burger King), and we cruised the distance in just under six hours.  All in all, a fun holiday for everyone.

Morphometrics update: 6 months

November 26th, 2008

For the sake of keeping a complete record:  a six months, Max’s official morphometrics are:

Weight:  17# 3oz (50th %ile)

Length:  27.73 in (90th %ile)

Cranial circumference:  46.5cm

Max’s Half-Birthday: You can pick your nose, and you can pick your son’s nose, but you can’t pick your son

November 23rd, 2008

Max is six months old today.  Hooray!

This is a noteworthy day in at least one (morbid) regard:  this is the point in which SIDS is no longer a realistic threat.

To celebrate his robust health, we took him for a walk through Ravenna Park.  He got to interact with lots of dogs, explore lots of plants, and stare rapturously at a babbling brook.  He even tolerated the embarrassing antics of his frolicking parents.

It was altogether a beautiful day, albeit cold.  Of course, an outdoor adventure on a briskly cold day isn’t complete without at least one au naturale diaper change.

For some quick (inaccurate) morphometrics:  we weighed him again, via displacement method, and he came in at around 17 pounds.  This means his his birthweight has been doubled-and-a-half.

Some milestone events

November 9th, 2008

Please pardon the lack of photos with this post.  With luck they’ll come later.

Some quick news: While at the JFK airport, leaving NYC (Monday, 3 Nov), Max successfully rolled over, without assistance, for the first time.  And the second time, and the third time.  And a few more times.  In both directions.  He was on a roll.  As of this writing, he hasn’t done it again, but perhaps he just hasn’t been properly motivated.

On Friday (7 Nov), Max was offered (and reluctantly ate) some of his first solid food.  The food was pureed sweet potato, and he ate a few bites, making funny faces each time, before losing interest.  We tried again on Saturday, although he wasn’t interested at all, perhaps because he wasn’t hungry.

Yesterday (Saturday, 8 Nov), Max’s hair was cut for the first time.  We placed him in the flying-saucer chair, kept him hypnotized by turning on the TV, and Amalia trimmed away whenever he was cooperative.  By and large it looks great, and it even makes him look older.

Max in NYC

November 4th, 2008

So the three of us went to NYC for the New York Marathon.  This was Max’s first time on a plane, and his first trip of any serious duration anywhere, by any means of conveyance.  He was a super-trooper.

He tolerated both flights with effectively zero difficulty, and made friends along the way.  In NYC itself, he didn’t even recognize the time difference (although we actively tried to keep him localized to Pacific Time, since our visit was so short), adjusted to the new surroundings like nothing had changed.  Again, he made friends every step of the way, sometimes from people who we would’ve preferred kept to themselves.

Max survived going to the top of the Rockefeller Center and back, several walks through Central Park, several taxi rides, several nighttime walks through Manhattan, a ride on a pedicab, and more questionably affectionate interactions from strangers than I can remember.  He even soldiered through the marathon itself as a chest-bound member of the support crew, going from waypoint to waypoint, and even enduring a diaper change in the 40-degree air on a public sidewalk.

We deem the trip a success.

Morphometrics Update: 4 months

September 24th, 2008

Here are Max’s morphometrics for the four-month landmark:

Weight:  14# 15oz

Length:  26.5″

Cranial Circumference:  44cm

Perhaps we should make a betting pool for these numbers.

One-third of a year old!

September 23rd, 2008

So, it was one-third of a year ago when Max was surgically excised from Amalia’s belly and yanked into the fluorescent glow of the world.

Everything has been going well.  Amalia has returned to work half-time this week; we have a nanny (a.k.a. Kendra) holding down the fort while we’re away, and Max seems to be having a great time and heaps of joie de vivre regardless of who is taking care of him.

We took some all-new estimates — displacement style — of his morphometrics.

Length:  26″

Weight:  15 pounds

We’ll get these confirmed soon enough.  Nuff said.

Random Update

September 17th, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, which is probably because I’m used to posting to describe big events and big news. Instead, there’s been just a parade of small events and small news, which individually don’t seem worth reporting upon (or more specifically, are difficult for me to find the time to report upon), but are still fun nonetheless.

For instance:

The smiles and laughs have been coming interactively for some time now. He’s a really good-natured little critter, almost a goof.

He’s starting to get mobile. Not in the “true crawling” way, but in the “squirm about in an improvised manner and somehow manage to perambulate like a grub in a pattern that can only be described by a random walk model” kind of way. He wakes up on a different side of the crib (and in a different orientation) than he was when he was put asleep, and if left on his own, he’ll migrate about by an inch per minute in a stochastic direction.

(He’s clearly fascinated by locomotion. It’s his driving pastime, other than sticking objects (typically swaddle blankets) into his mouth. While supine, he’ll use his legs to push up his lower body. He likes to stand up (with significant help from a spotter). He loves to tuck up his legs and try to roll over (and if he’s on a slight incline, he actually can roll over).)

Speaking of dexterity, he now has a preference for a certain cube-rattle-toy that he likes to play with, and he’ll swing that sucker around like he’s trying to kill spiders.

His hair is lightening up in parts, and thinning out in parts. He has this two-tone Brian Bosworth thing going on right now, where the hair at the base of his neck is still pretty dark, while the rest of his hair is turning almost fair.

Max\'s hair role model

When Max was born, his eyes only had a slight hint of metallic blue. Now they’re clearly, obviously, incontrovertibly blue. I’ve heard that kids’ eyes can change color in weird ways, in multiple phases, so it’s possible that they may change back, or do something altogether different, but I think Mr. Blue Eyes is here (more or less) to stay.

And lastly, he also did a reasonable job singing the lyrics of his first song: the chorus (”Hey! Ho! Let’s go!”) from The Ramones’ “Blitzkreig Bop”.

Max’s quarter-birthday

August 23rd, 2008

Not much to say except the usual banal good news. Max is three months old today and he’s doing great. He’s slept through the night a few times, which seems to be a growing trend, and he’s starting to giggle interactively.

So he’s one-fourth of a year old today, which doesn’t seem possible.

The Kulture of Kute

August 3rd, 2008

So the other day we bought something called a “Snuzzler”. Never in my life would I have thought that I would have voluntarily spent money on something called a “Snuzzler”, but there it is.

The most annoying aspect (for me, at least) of having a kid is the requirement (and alas, it’s unavoidable) to plunge one’s self neck-deep into the World of Cute. So many things having to do with kids is “cute”. By this I mean “manufactured cute”, like Hello Kitty and Jar Jar Binks, where cute cycles around to tacky, and only when you contrive something as the epitome of tacky does it cycle back around to become cute again.

So what is a Snuzzler? It’s a form-fitting cushion that goes into a stroller (in our case, a jogging stroller), which helps keep the kid from flopping over uncomfortably to one side. The manufacturer could have called it “comfort-enhancing travel cushion”, but no, you can’t expect that from a company called “Kiddopotamus”.

Our car seat? The company could have called it “infant transportation unit Mk. III”, but no … they called it the “Snugride”. Need I go on?

For some actual news, Max reached 10 weeks old on Friday!