Birth Announcement

What follows is the birth announcement that was sent to my workplace:

Hey all,

This update is far overdue, for which I mostly apologize. I was hoping to first get a wealth of info/photos available online, to facilitate the propaganda process, but time hasn't been as abundant as I'd like it to be. Given the fever pitch of nagging, I figured that even a provisional message would be better than another day (or three) of nothing. Please forward as you deem appropriate.

In summary: after induction and roughly 18 hours of labor, that stubborn little critter wasn't going anywhere, so the doctors resorted to a cesarean section. This proved to be dramatic but efficient. Thus was born: Maximilian Leist Magaret, at 9:34am on the morning of Friday, 23 May 2008.

Other than the complications that arose during labor, everything went as well as could be hoped for. Amalia is fine, Max is unscathed, and I am merely queasy. (Witnessing an infant being yanked from an incision on your beloved wife is an act of debatable wisdom.)

For those who are curious, "Leist" is a family name, and with this he was named in honor of my extant great uncle, John Leist Magaret. By involving the name "Maximilian", of course, we are naming him after Shane's dog.

I don't know why most people are interested in the morphometrics, but here you go: Max was born weighing roughly 3.46998 x 10^19 femtograms, and with a length of approximately 1.6463 x 10^-17 parsecs. Also, he had only five fingers and five toes on each extremity, but I guess you can't have everything.

As mentioned above, I am currently in the process of posting news/photos online, including the gory narrative details of the labor/delivery process. More to come, hopefully over the next day. Stay tuned at:

(I'm using this domain name only because "" is taken.)