Snow, Joy, Snow, Fun, Snow, Cabin Fever, Snow, Blood, Cannibalism, Death, Snow …

The snow has been coming down quite steadily now, in what has become a most un-Seattle-like experience.

It started on Wednesday, with the threat of snow.  Literally, this city has such a freak-out reflex when it comes to snow, the Seattle School District closed their schools on Wednesday morning, because of the elevated possibility that it might snow in the afternoon.  “Run for your lives, snow might fall from the sky today!”

It didn’t snow.  They looked like dorks.

It did start falling during that night, and there was a few inches on the ground the next morning.  Of course, schools closed.  Even Amalia’s big conference was canceled.  (A conference with several hundred people, fully catered, with an evening reception.  Canceled only 45 minutes before it was scheduled to start.)  My workplace — a research non-profit that takes pride in making people come in to work on days when you might need to rent a sled dog — threw in the towel at around noon, closing the center to everyone but essential personnel (of which I’m not, since I don’t keep specimen freezers running or research animals alive).

Not much more snow arrived by Friday, but my workplace decided to close anyway.  Wusses.

The temperature stayed sub-freezing, so the minor streets were icy.  In particular, the hill outside our house was a problem to more than a few motorists.  As such, we stayed in most of the day.  It must be said, this was influenced by the fact that our Honda wouldn’t start, thanks to the cold.

Max, that goofball, was completely oblivious to the goings-on outside.  He only noticed that we were around a lot more than usual, and was a big happy goofball the entire time, just bubbling and overflowing and visibly oscillating with positive energy.

The snow really decided to kick in on Saturday evening, starting at around 6pm.  We stocked up on food and ammo.  It kept snowing, all through the night, allegedly eight inches worth.  And it kept snowing through the day.

We took advantage of it, to see if Max might find some interest in the stuff.  Max’s initial introduction to snow had been underwhelming, but now there was more of it, and maybe his mood had changed.

Max showed more interest this time around.  We only pasted him in the face with an iceball once, and he and his mom performed some enjoyable cohesion experiments.

So Max seems to enjoy the snow.  He seems to be enjoying the entire experience, actually … the weather, the close company, the harrowing confinement … and now it is Sunday night, and while the precipitation has ceased as I write this — for now — there is the threat of more, and my workplace has already declared closure for Monday.

While Max is definitely faring well, and is showing no signs of a fraying sanity, I can’t say that about the rest of us.

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