Blink, and he’s different

This past few days, it has been a time of rapid metamorphosis.

First, Max ripped through the walls of his leathery cocoon with his sharp, clawed forelimbs, and now he’s been feasting upon solid food.

Seriously, we’ve attempted several different types of non-formula-based solid-esque food — including sweet potato, mashed potato (even with butter), banana mush, and pureed grasshoppers — but only just now have we found something that he appears to enjoy:  cream of rice cereal, formulated especially for infants.  He can’t get enough of it, and just goes to town.

What else has been going on?  In this short period of time, Max has also been:

  1. Babbling non-stop; I mean, literally, the guy just won’t shut up, he’ll sputter out these polysyllabic ramblings that just keep going on and on and on and on, and he just keeps on going, completely utterly non-stop, and he’s taking it so seriously, blah blah blah, as if he’s lecturing quantum physics to a bunch of rabbits, and seriously, I really mean it, he just won’t shut up, he just keeps going on and on and on …
  2. Pulling himself up into a standing position; that is, without assistance — although he still needs help keeping his balance.
  3. Sitting up by himself.  This is now his favorite hobby.  Forget lying on his back.  And come on, lying on his stomach?  As if.  That’s so November.

What’s next?  Time will tell!

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