Turkey Day in Cowtown

It’s official:  Max endured his first road trip of any significant length.  The three of us braved the fog to make the 250 miles across the state, to Pullman, to spend Thanksgiving with Max’s paternal grandmother.

The trip over was not without difficulty.  The normally five-hour trip lasted in excess of seven hours, mostly because Max had frequent moments of discomfort and sleeplessness that required stops at whatever roadside stop was convenient.  Burger King, convenience stores, Mexican restaurants, whatever was open.

After the arrival everything went great.  Max acclimated to Pullman’s stieflingly dry air and Antarctic temperatures just fine, and he didn’t have any mid-night freakouts in his new travel crib.

To top it off, the trip back to Seattle went swimmingly well, with only one stop of any significance (at a familiar-looking Burger King), and we cruised the distance in just under six hours.  All in all, a fun holiday for everyone.

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