Some milestone events

Please pardon the lack of photos with this post.  With luck they’ll come later.

Some quick news: While at the JFK airport, leaving NYC (Monday, 3 Nov), Max successfully rolled over, without assistance, for the first time.  And the second time, and the third time.  And a few more times.  In both directions.  He was on a roll.  As of this writing, he hasn’t done it again, but perhaps he just hasn’t been properly motivated.

On Friday (7 Nov), Max was offered (and reluctantly ate) some of his first solid food.  The food was pureed sweet potato, and he ate a few bites, making funny faces each time, before losing interest.  We tried again on Saturday, although he wasn’t interested at all, perhaps because he wasn’t hungry.

Yesterday (Saturday, 8 Nov), Max’s hair was cut for the first time.  We placed him in the flying-saucer chair, kept him hypnotized by turning on the TV, and Amalia trimmed away whenever he was cooperative.  By and large it looks great, and it even makes him look older.

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