Max in NYC

So the three of us went to NYC for the New York Marathon.  This was Max’s first time on a plane, and his first trip of any serious duration anywhere, by any means of conveyance.  He was a super-trooper.

He tolerated both flights with effectively zero difficulty, and made friends along the way.  In NYC itself, he didn’t even recognize the time difference (although we actively tried to keep him localized to Pacific Time, since our visit was so short), adjusted to the new surroundings like nothing had changed.  Again, he made friends every step of the way, sometimes from people who we would’ve preferred kept to themselves.

Max survived going to the top of the Rockefeller Center and back, several walks through Central Park, several taxi rides, several nighttime walks through Manhattan, a ride on a pedicab, and more questionably affectionate interactions from strangers than I can remember.  He even soldiered through the marathon itself as a chest-bound member of the support crew, going from waypoint to waypoint, and even enduring a diaper change in the 40-degree air on a public sidewalk.

We deem the trip a success.

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