The Kulture of Kute

So the other day we bought something called a “Snuzzler”. Never in my life would I have thought that I would have voluntarily spent money on something called a “Snuzzler”, but there it is.

The most annoying aspect (for me, at least) of having a kid is the requirement (and alas, it’s unavoidable) to plunge one’s self neck-deep into the World of Cute. So many things having to do with kids is “cute”. By this I mean “manufactured cute”, like Hello Kitty and Jar Jar Binks, where cute cycles around to tacky, and only when you contrive something as the epitome of tacky does it cycle back around to become cute again.

So what is a Snuzzler? It’s a form-fitting cushion that goes into a stroller (in our case, a jogging stroller), which helps keep the kid from flopping over uncomfortably to one side. The manufacturer could have called it “comfort-enhancing travel cushion”, but no, you can’t expect that from a company called “Kiddopotamus”.

Our car seat? The company could have called it “infant transportation unit Mk. III”, but no … they called it the “Snugride”. Need I go on?

For some actual news, Max reached 10 weeks old on Friday!

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