One month later …

It’s Max’s one-month birthday today. All is going well. For one thing, Max is definitely getting bigger. As in, visibly, especially in the way he’s packing on the pepperoni.

The next pediatrician appointment won’t be for another month, but we got curious anyway: we took a crude weight measurement of him on the scale, using the “max = ((mom+max) - mom)” approach. He came somewhere between 9.0 and 9.5 pounds.

We also measured his length a couple of days ago — which seems as random of a measure as anything, given how uncooperative he can be with those springy little chicken-legs — which was in the neighborhood of 22 inches long.

He seems to be kicking along just great. Of course, there have been some minor issues, but that’s par for the course. E.g., some occasional fussiness, a few late-night cluster feedings, and one case of levitating on his own and spinning around the room with eyes that blazed with fire and dead flies erupting from his diaper. Pedestrian matters, to be sure, at least when compared with colic, projectile diarrhea, and Harlequin-type ichthyosis. All in all we’re feeling lucky that he’s so (relatively) normal.

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