The stars are right!

My colleague LaVon Cochran ran a star chart for Max, based on his birthday/time, and location. More details can be found on the “Star Chart” page, linked to on the right of the home page.

That said, I’m more of an astronomer than an astrologer. Even if far-flung celestial bodies could influence your personality and future events, I find it amusing that the work of astrologers is so seemingly arbitrary, especially in the light of the recent planetary reclassification by the International Astronomical Union. I.e., why are some planetary bodies “influential”, but not others? Are you saying that Pluto can influence Max’s personality, but not Ceres? What about Quaoar? Or Halley’s Comet, or the Oort Cloud, or the Vulcanoids? Or how about that super-massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, around which all of us are orbiting whether we like it or not?

But anyway … as LaVon herself said, “No one ever believes in these things, but they are fun nonetheless.”

Oh no, Jupiter is in the second house!!

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