Month 16: Piggies, Zebras and Camels, oh my!

Max is sixteen months old today.  He doesn’t seem to notice.

Unrelated, we had something special planned today.  Amalia had the day off.  I had finished a work-project last night at 10pm that I’d been toiling on, off an on in violent spurts, since March.  The weather was gorgeous.  So I played hooky from work in the morning and the lot of us went to the Puyallup fair.


Max got to see lots of different kinds of animals, although the highlight of the day was our first destination, Pig Palace.


Max was overwhelmed with breastfeeding flashbacks.  He was so bedazzled, that when given the opportunity to pet a piglet, he elected instead to pick its nose.


There was also an Animals of the World exhibit, where Max got to see lots of the critters he’s been learning about in his board books.  Like zebras, oxen, and camels.


All in all, it was a fun day.  He saw the cool critters, ate lots of junk food, was amazed by the awesome rides, and pointed at lots of overweight people.

In linguistics news, Max is now trying to say “moon”.  It’s one of his favorite objects, he always points at it when he sees it in the sky, or in the illustrations in his books.  He’s still not saying it very well, usually saying “boo”, or sometimes as close as “boon”, but he’s working at it.

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