Nanny Found!

Well, actually … after much toil, we weren’t able to find a suitable nanny, so we decided to go with the border collie.


She’s not so good at changing diapers, but what can you expect for 8 Snausages/hr.?

In linguists news, Max is now has added a couple more words to his active vocabulary.  These words are “baby”, “hi”, and “bye”.  He’s also getting the first few syllables of “communism”, but it may take a while before he perfects that one.

Apparently, there was a time when you could just set Max on the ground and he would stay there.  Like, he wouldn’t move around all the time, bouncing off of fixed objects and literally vibrating with energy.  There are even photos on the photo gallery that prove it.  I, however, have no memory of this.


It’s a bit like the way Stephen King cannot remember composing his book “Cujo”, but without the cocaine.

The most entertaining aspect of his mobility, curiosity, and imitation of us so-called adults is that he’ll pick up objects and leave them in random places.  Like putting the mobile phone in the laundry hamper.  Or Amalia’s glasses in the old car seat.  Or the DVD remote control in the recycle bin.  Hey, he sees us put stuff there all the time, so it must be an okay thing to do.

Now whenever we see him play with something, we keep it strongly in mind that unless we pay some attention to where he puts it, we may never see it again.


“Honey, have you seen my heart medication?”

“Yeah, Max was playing with it earlier this morning.  Why, do you need it?”

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