Battle Scars: Gravity is a Harsh Mistress

Max has been walking, steadily, for over three months now.  But it hasn’t come without a toll.


It’s tempting to say that his greatest enemy is pavement, but really, it’s gravity.  Pavement might have been the cause of the abrasion you see in the photo above (occurring today circa 16:30), but he’s had worse spills.  A trip on the deck had him looking like the cover of an Andrew WK album.  Nose bleeds, puffy lips … even standing up while beneath a table can deliver a head-bonk that can ruin his day.

Recently, he stood up in the bathtub, and slipped, sliding all the way down on his back.  The no-slip adhesive pads in the tub scratched his back, and he had these cute red little abrasions down his back, exactly on the points made by his vertebrae.  While that’s pretty elaborate, he’s also be working on the basics:  just a week ago, he skinned his knee for the first time.


But he’s certainly getting better.  He walks, even runs, without thinking about it, and has ever-lofty goals:  climb the stairs on this own, upright.

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