Time warp

Wait, what happened to all those posts I made between January and today?  I’ve been posting almost every day for the past eight months and now all of those updates are gone.   All the joy, the tears, the laughs, the embarrassment … technology today, you can’t trust the stuff.  I swear, people who design computers must be communists.

Anyway … behold the new era!  More frequent, yet shorter posts!  Quick anecdotes, updates, news-bites, factoids, and trivia.


Today’s special:  Max loves raspberries.  But only if they’re picked fresh off the bush.

We have this cute little unruly raspberry patch in our yard, and Max will go out of his way to get us to take him there, so we can pick and feed him fresh raspberries.  He’ll eat them until he poops sulfuric acid.

But if we offer him a big ol’ raspberry from the store, fresh from the ABS plastic clamshell container, he’ll just squish it up.

Oh, and he also likes to imitate crows.

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