Behold, a Tooth!

One of Max’s favorite games is to grab something — anything, actually — stick it into his mouth, and chew on it.  He’s especially fond of human fingers.  The rules of this game may need to change pretty soon, because Li’l Max is finally sportin a chomper.

Amalia found it first, in the morning, and sure enough.  It’s more easily felt than seen, but it’s there, a hard little nubbin erupting from his gums.  It’s an upper incisor.  This is just the beginning, and his mouth will never look the same from here on out.

Of particular intrigue is the fact that this appears to be a mystery tooth.  Typically, the first teeth to appear with babies are the upper and lower medial (inner) incisors, but this is the right, upper lateral (outer) incisor.  Maybe it’s not a tooth after all, but … no, it’s best not to speculate.

Amalia blames those dominant Greek genes that led to her crooked teeth.  Either way, the end result is sure to be interesting.

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