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Super-Quick Update

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I’ve been spending more time updating the photo gallery (now caught up through late July!) and less time on the blog.  In part, because there’s not much new to report, but at the same time there lots of new stuff to report.


He’s up the same old tricks, but doing more of them.  He’s actively saying more words by a factor of two or three.  He understands more speech by at least that much.  He’s more active, and in more creative ways.  He’s eating more foods, and is more capable of eating on his own.

The list goes on and on.  And of course, he’s still interested in cameras, perhaps even more than ever.


In sad news, Max bid farewell to Kendra, his nanny of a year.


She got a second part-time job in the field she’s been working toward for a long time, so this is a happy time for her.

In good news, however, the border collie seems to be working out well as Kendra’s replacement.  She’s much cheaper, although she  seems to be getting fatter while Max is getting thinner.


An investigation is ongoing.